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"New York-born, Auckland based composer/pianist Jonathan Besser, with his new ensemble Bravura (featuring Nairobi Trio guitarist Nigel Gavin), offers here his take on Tango. Miranda Adam's dynamic violin playing is a highlight, as is the deft duel melodic/rhythmic accompaniment of Tatiana Lanchctikova's accordion. "You Got Your Wish" may, in dedication, be for the composer's parents, but really it's for everyone. Take a listen. 4 Stars"

Simon Sweetman, Evening Post, Wellington

"Jonathan Besser is a New York born-and raised musician who has been resident in NZ since 1974. He has composed on commission for the NZSO and the Royal NZ Ballet among many other prestigious appointments. This album is a sharp departure form all that, featuring tango and klezma styles reminiscent of his native New York. In Bravura he has brought together a cornucopia of talent from equally diverse backgrounds. Mirand Adams (violin) and Tatiana Kanchctikova (accordian) combine perfectly to bring life to these compositions. Besser himself on piano with guitarist Nigel Gavin and bassist Peter Scott make for the most sultry rhythm section imaginable. The works themselves range from the more experimental Descending Minors to music inspired by Sufi poetry. Wayne Laird produced and mastered what Paul Crowther had recorded and mixed. The whole album is a sheer delight - sad but not maudlin, never a dull moment, from pert vocals by Jackie Clarke to the inspired instrumentals."

Mike Maroney "New Zealand Musician"

Jonathan Besser was born in New York City (1949). He studied composition in New York at the Mannes College of Music and with David Loeb. Resident in New Zealand since 1974,he has composed on commission for the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, the Royal N.Z Ballet, Auckland Philharmonia, the Wellington Symphonia, and the New Zealand String Quartet (touring schools with them in 1994). Jonathan has led his own New Music groups, most notably the Besser Ensemble (1987-1997). He is also founding member of Free Radicals (electronic music) and Triphonics touring China with Triphonics in March 1996.His latest new performance group Bravura is performing his compositions around New Zealand and in Australia. Jonathan has created acoustic and electronic music in collaboration with leading writers, choreographers, musicians, visual artists and filmmakers. Those include Gaylene Preston, Mary Jane O'Reilly,Warwick Broadhead, Keri Hulme, Ross Harris, Michael Parmenter, Don McGlashan, Billy Apple and the Australian author Roger McDonald. He's composed original music for many film, radio, stage and TV productions.